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GM - Major Aerospace Supplier, UK

“Ian proved invaluable by both assisting with day to day issues and advising on opportunities for improvement in the processes and procedures adopted by the business. A number of Ian’s recommendations were implemented delivering reduction in lead times and cost leading to a much improved customer experience. Ian professionally managed the interface between his client and the business resulting in a positive climate for change.”

Director of European Procurement – major food and pharmaceutical flexible packaging manufacturer

“Ian was instrumental in helping me enhance and develop a global procurement strategy covering all our major commodity groupings with the appropriate key actions and targets. This provided significant benefits in the clarity of direction, actions needed and key milestones tying together the efforts of my extended team positioned at various European locations. Finally, Ian also led the launch of a working capital reduction program focused on the worst financially performing European sites”

Supply chain director - Procurement – major food and pharmaceutical flexible packaging manufacturer, Germany

“Ian introduced new thinking to the business and trained key site staff in the principles of Lean, SCOR and extended business enterprise with a practical approach to change which yielded very significant benefits in terms of improved customer performance, reductions in working capital and security for the site. I found Ian to be a very capable, knowledgeable, energetic and delivery focused professional who provided the right leadership, inspiration and people development skills to allow us to achieve the outcomes we required.”

GM - Major aerospace supplier, UK

“Ian is a joy to work with, ever the professional so he slotted into my team immediately and brought a very clear and concise approach to the project. Ian added a lot more in terms of forward thinking and brought this to head through his extensive knowledge, experience and networking abilities. I was always able to bounce ideas and share thoughts.”

Sales & Marketing Director – Major automotive 1st tier supplier, UK

“Ian is a highly focused professional, self motivated and results orientated individual. He has done an exceptional job in structuring, quantifying and managing a highly complex project on extremely demanding timescales and with very challenging technical issues. By employing his extensive core skills and wealth of experience, Ian was able consistently deliver the project requirements and effectively lead / manage the team around him.”

Operations manager – Major water flow meter manufacturer, UK

Ian's involvement in the business has been highly beneficial and has made a real change to our business, not only in what we've already achieved but in what else we can put in place. Ian integrated well with the management team, across all functions and all levels which certainly assisted in the speed and quality of the results. I personally valued the time spent working with Ian and gained much.”

GM – Major gas chromatography analyzer manufacturer, USA

His intervention has lead to new production levels with a reduction in cycle time and improvements in first pass yield. The improvement plan that was developed allowed for staged increase in production to allow for coordination with supply chain, training and labor resources. The improvement program now established will sustain our new performance levels and provide for further growth in the future. Ian's involvement in the business has been highly beneficial to the organization and lead to sustainable change in the organization. Ian integrated well with the management team and provided leadership to all levels of the business.

GM – major manufacturer of force measurement solutions, Sweden

The first thing he did was to draw a map on how things were done. Then he drew a map of where we should be in less than a year for our largest product (60% of turnover). Together with our new Operations Manager he worked out a strategy for operations and started a cultural revolution to change the mindset of all employees. Ian started a range of change projects with the aim to double capacity without adding resources and without large investments. He educated our personnel so that he, after a relatively short time, could hand over execution to operations. We now see the results of this change. Inventories are being reduced and inventory turns are up. Net Working Capital is going down and our through put time is substantially reduced.”



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