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Management Consultancy

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Zodiac Consulting’s approach is to work closely with and integrate with the clients employees, at all levels within the organisation, to develop and implement the most pertinent and appropriate solutions to address the client need.

The approach employed for a typical piece of work undertaken by Zodiac Consulting to deliver the client requirements is illustrated below:-

  1. Work with the client to understand the problems, the need for change, the desired outcome of change and how Zodiac Consulting can help.
  2. Work with the business, the key stakeholders and project to develop the project change plan and to baseline current activities and performance.
  3. Work with the client team to understand and interpret the data collected.
  4. Work with client team to develop the appropriate solution, tailored specifically to meet the client need – a solution and plan which is stretch but always achievable. A plan which can be used as a solid foundation for cross business learning and for future ‘next step’ change.
  5. Work with the client team and organisation to implement the jointly developed solution and plan. To ensure that the implemented solution is stable and sustainable.
  6. Work with the client team to capture learning and develop learning to ‘internalise’ the change process and develop plans to cascade the process and learning to the rest of the client business.

At all times, the key objectives of any intervention in a client business are:-

To ensure that the client requirements are robustly met, fully agreed and supported by the business.

To ensure that the knowledge and skills employed, as part of the agreed change program, are transferred to the team / responsibles involved to develop internal self sustainability.

Consulting work successfully undertaken in the following business areas

  1. Manufacturing & Operations
  2. BPR
  3. Purchasing / Procurement
  4. Supply chain & supplier development
  5. Project & programme management
  6. Strategy development and deployment
  7. LEAN Manufacturing & enterprise training and bespoke solution deployment
  8. Management of change

Consulting work successfully undertaken in the following industry Sectors

  1. Automotive
  2. Rail
  3. Aerospace
  4. Food and pharmaceutical packaging
  5. MRO
  6. General manufacturing / SME’s

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